How to Know if You Will Receive Alimony

Spousal support, also called alimony or maintenance in Florida, is one of the first concerns many people have when discussing divorce. Spousal support in this state provides a former spouse with financial resources while they rebuild their life after the end of a marriage. These resources come from the spouse who earned more money or provided for the household during the relationship. For many people, this support helps them survive after the major lifestyle changes divorce brings.

Florida law provides for multiple types of spousal support. These include alimony as transitional relief while restarting as a single person or rehabilitative funds for occupational training or education to help the spouse build self-sufficiency. Temporary alimony provides support only through signing of the official divorce decree. Durational support lasts only as long as the marriage itself. Permanent spousal support provides a similar lifestyle as was lived during the marriage until the supported former spouse remarries or changes circumstances in other ways.

Attorney Nicole Alvarez helps you understand your rights to spousal support or what you may need to provide to your former spouse, if you earned the higher income in your marriage. Although divorce is naturally a period of great stress, Ms. Alvarez ensures your rights are maintained and you receive or pay a fair amount for support. Contact attorney Nicole Alvarez now to schedule your spousal support legal consultation.