Under Florida state law, child support is an ongoing payment made periodically by the parent who makes the higher income to the parent with the lower income. This support pays for the child’s basic needs, such as housing, utilities, food and clothing. This money is intended for the child and is not taxed by the state.

The basic reason for Florida child support is to ensure families remain financially whole after divorce or when parents otherwise end their relationship. Because these laws are complex, you need the help and guidance of a qualified child support lawyer. Attorney Nicole Alvarez of Coral Gables provides the Florida child support representation you need to ensure your rights are respected throughout the court process.

Most parents need a child support lawyer at multiple times in their minor child’s life, such as during divorce and when establishing, changing or enforcing child support arrangements. Attorney Nicole Alvarez gains deep understanding of your family law needs and helps you through all aspects of your child support case. If need arises for support modification or the financially supportive parent stops making arranged payments, Ms. Alvarez helps you take the matter back to the courts.

The Law Offices of Nicole Alvarez represents parents on either side of the child support issue. Whether you expect to be providing this support or need to receive it for your child, call the law office for a consultation today.