Going through a divorce is one of the most difficult times of your life. You also face many legal decisions that must be made quickly with an eye on how these affect your future. So, you need an experienced divorce lawyer, one able to advise you on how to resolve your settlement while protecting your legal rights.

Attorney Nicole Alvarez of the Law Offices of Nicole Alvarez, PA in Coral Gables, Florida helps you understand your legal options and how to proceed in your case. She helps you protect your rights, particularly in matters where you and your spouse disagree. Your divorce attorney sees the bigger picture of your situation and knows aspects of Florida divorce that cause problems for people in the years after ending a marriage.

It is especially important to consult a quality lawyer when you have assets and property in your marriage. These matters become complex, as couples attempt to divide assets like savings accounts, real estate, business interests, investments and retirement funds. Of course, having minor children with your spouse means you must work to resolve child custody matters, such as child support, parenting plans and visitation.

By engaging the help of an experienced divorce lawyer early in your case, you avoid agreeing to things you will regret later. Attorney Nicole Alvarez also helps you maintain peace of mind throughout these difficult life changes.