It is almost impossible to address child custody matters without feeling stressed and emotional. It is a very personal process that requires you to protect your interests, needs and rights, after first meeting your child’s. How you deal with these custody issues affects your child or family for the long term.

It is important for you to understand what the court examines in these cases and how your child’s best interests will be met in interstate custody and relocation case. This is why you need an experienced child custody lawyer, such as Coral Gables, Florida attorney Nicole Alvarez.

The State of Florida approaches parenting plan and custody matters with the primary goal of instilling routine, balance, and a positive sense of security in your children. When you experience life changes, such as a work relocation or need to move out of state for other reasons, you must also seek revision of your parenting plan and child custody agreement. If you are setting up child custody for the first time and one parent or guardian lives out of state, interstate custody requires special consideration, too.

To discuss your interstate custody or relocation needs with a lawyer experienced, knowledgeable and trained in these matters, contact attorney Nicole Alvarez for a consultation.