Although motherhood is usually simple to determine, it is not always clear who fathered a child. Confusion about paternity creates a range of problems for everyone involved, particularly the child, mother and father. Paternity is usually established through marriage, genetic testing, birth certificate signatures or signed witness statements. But protecting your rights is more difficult, when it comes to matters like child support, custody, parenting time, divorce and inheritance.

The courts resolve matters related to paternity of children with the child’s best interests in mind. So, in these legal, financial, biological and emotional matters, you need to ensure your rights and interests have a voice, too. Attorney Nicole Alvarez in Coral Gables, Florida is experienced in helping clients through matters of paternity, whether these cases include establishing paternity, resolving conflicts, negotiating settlements, disputing paternity or obtaining financial support.

Cases involving children prove both complex and emotional. This is why you need a qualified Florida paternity lawyer by your side. You should obtain this consultation and representation as early in your case as possible to protect your rights and interests under state laws.

Whether you are the mother, father, step parent, or legal guardian of a minor child in Florida, talk to Attorney Nicole Alvarez about your paternity situation and needs. Call the Law Offices of Nicole Alvarez PA now for a consultation.