The Importance of Property Settlement Agreements

A Property Settlement Agreement is a contract entered into by a married couple who intend to be divorced which states who will be responsible for the assets, debts, and obligations acquired during the marriage. Property Settlement Agreements can include terms of custody and visitation however, some couples choose to separate custody in a second agreement usually referred to as a Custody and Visitation Agreement.

Attempting to prepare your own agreement can compromise the protection of your interests. You may not realize the implications of agreeing to certain provisions, or you may unintentionally exclude an important provision. Attorney Nicole Alvarez has drafted and reviewed many Property Settlement Agreements. She has experience ensuring that her clients enter into agreements which protect their current and future interests.

When both parties sign a Property Settlement Agreement, it is considered a contract. When it is filed with the Court and a Judge endorses a Final Order of Divorce, it becomes a Court Order as an attachment to the divorce order. There are options to enforce an existing agreement if necessary. If you are having difficulty enforcing your Property Settlement Agreement, Attorney Nicole Alvarez can assist you with the enforcement of your agreement.

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