Receiving Citizenship in the United States

Some of the biggest benefits of citizenship in America include the right to vote, serve in a jury, represent the public as an elected official and sponsor your loved ones as immigrants to the country. Of course, this citizenship also brings many responsibilities you must also understand and fulfill, such as paying taxes and adhering to laws. Simply to qualify for becoming a citizen requires meeting criteria of the Immigration and Nationality Act, as well as completion of the naturalization process.

You can see how this road to becoming a U.S. citizen can feel confusing. But Attorney Nicole Alvarez, an experienced Florida citizenship lawyer, helps you understand the laws. She also helps you ensure you adhere to all of the government requirements for taking your oath as a new American.

The process of naturalization starts with ensuring you meet eligibility requirements for your application, such as being a legal adult. You also must meet one or more other criteria, including having been a permanent resident in the U.S. for five years, being married to an American citizen for three years or serving in the military. Citizen parents of children born overseas can also apply for their child’s citizenship.

Deciding to transition from having a Green Card to becoming a legal citizen is a big one, indeed. American citizenship attorney Nicole Alvarez knows what this process means to you and helps you understand issues that complicate the process, like having an expired visa, criminal history or deportation defense claims. But the benefits of being a citizen far outweigh the paperwork, interviews and other steps, in the end.

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