If you’re a U.S. citizen, you can file an immigration petition for your mother or father, spouse, brother or sister, adult child or minor child. If you’re not a citizen, but a lawful permanent resident, you can still petition family members into the country, but you’re limited to your spouse, any adult unmarried children or minor children. Even legally adopted and step-children might be considered for admission.

Family-based immigration might seem like a right, but it’s a complicated task that requires the knowledge of an experienced and effective immigration lawyer. Coral Gables immigration attorney Nicole Alvarez can guide you through the process.

Right now, there are more suitable applicants for admission to the United States than the number of visas that are available. Since many visas are issued based on the date that applications were filed, a visa might not be issued to an applicant until such time as it’s his or her turn in line. That waiting period could be years. Attorney Nicole Alvarez might be able to help you get through that line faster.

Bringing a family member into the United States isn’t easy. You’re going to want an immigration attorney who is result oriented and can be trusted. You’ll want all of the paperwork completed correctly with all required supporting documentation accompanying the petition. Nicole Alvarez is committed to using all legal means to help reunite you and your family. Contact her and start the process as soon as possible. The sooner that you begin that process, the sooner that you can be reunited with your family member.